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Trees are architectural masters - while some are just well behaved straight lines with a perfectly shaped symmetrical canopy, others can explode into fantastical and evocative shapes, with a huge meandering skeleton, and an infinity of thick and thin branches shaped by natural forces and the tree's own will power.


Then there are the leaves, cones, flowers, fruit - very humble or with imaginative colors and shapes. And the tree skin, smooth and sensual, or peeling like paper, or even rugged like an old sailor's face, brown, white, red, black, freckled, with knuckles, eyes, gaping mouths, old wounds.


My passion is capturing all this richness.

The Images and Prints

All images start as 35mm black and white film negatives, hand-developed and scanned in-house, then processed in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and printed with archival pigment inks on the best OBA-free fine art archival rag matte papers. The complete technical information is provided with prints.

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